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We want our customers to be well-informed when it comes to their vehicles. We welcome all questions and are happy to answer them all. We know that sometimes you just don’t have the money to fix all your vehicle’s problems. Our customized plan will prioritize the work that needs to be done and we can work with you to get those job completed. Remember – it’s MUCH cheaper to maintain your car than to fix it once it’s broken!

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Don’t wait until it’s too late – Come in for preventative maintenance today! With regular maintenance, Action Auto Repair Deer Valley can help you retain a safer, more dependable, and longer-lasting vehicle. We keep your engine running efficiently. With every service, our Techs inspect your vehicle and point out potential problems that may leave you stranded. We speak in terms you can understand and explain all fixes to your car’s problems.

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“I can't believe Jayfixed a serious problem with our Prado even the dealership, taking three weeks still couldn't solve! He left no stone unturned as he patiently drove our car around Randburg waiting for the problem to occur, then he fixed it. I am so grateful to be happy with my working car again and it's all thanks to Jay
Howard Chavez